5 Day Membership 2018.

£ 64 a month over 10 months (from 1st March) with direct debit payment scheme or £ 640 per annum.
+ a single payment of Golf Union fees (£13-16)

Our membership year runs from 1st March to end of February each year. You can join at any point throughout the year and the direct debit term and payments will be altered accordingly.

5 day membership is from Monday –Friday. Playing rounds are booked through BRS or proshop. Playing rights include weekday medals/stablefords, social weekday competitions and play on reciprocal courses. Matchplay, championship and team play are not included. 5 day members do not have voting rights but retain all other member benefits.

Adult and Junior Membership.
Children up to age of 12 have free membership if the parent or guardian is a playing member. Great for parents/guardians of children!

Free social membership is available for all playing members’ spouses and partners to enjoy our clubhouse with or without the playing member. Social members can sign in an unlimited number of guests. 

To find out more details please contact the office on 0141 956 4657 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

See our Application form for more details.