Junior and Cadet Memberships 2018
Entrance fee-nil

Junior Membership: - £147.00 
Cadet Membership: - £ 75.00 
+ Golf Insurance £2.

There is no joining fee for Junior or Cadet Memberships. You can join at any point throughout the year and pay for your membership on a pro rata basis from June.

Junior Membership applies to ages 10 and over with Cadets being aged under 10 years on 1st March. Date of birth at 1st MARCH each year will determine category for the subscription year.

Juniors up to age of 12 are free with all adult playing memberships.

For example, any boy/girl who attains the age of 10 years after 1st March 2018 will maintain cadet membership for 2018 season. Playing rights for Junior and Cadet Members are current as per the club diary.

Spread the cost with our Direct Debit scheme. To find out more details please contact the office on 0141 956 4657 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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